Thursday, January 24, 2008

DCeptette: Short Dose of the Bellicose Version

  1. Mercury in the sushi! Can it happen here? We don't know, but we are officially raising the DCeiver's Mercury Panic Pictorial Threat Index to The Cover Of The Deserter's Songs LP. [Consumerist]
  2. At last! Somebody out there combined our two FAVORITEST THINGS IN THE WORLD: 1. 9/11 and 2. MIMES! Then they combined it with Enya! This could not be more perfect. [Lindsayism]
  3. And in other Lindsayism news, we concur with this as well, and could really make it worth Australia's while. [Lindsayism]
  4. Velvet Lounge will soon be under new management. [DCist]
  5. Amy Winehouse is now fully qualified to be the Mayor of DC. [Defamer]

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