Saturday, January 05, 2008

DCeptette: Transparent Sluts!

  1. So, basically, we like Ellen Page. She played our favorite X-Man (Shadowcat) in what was, admittedly our least favorite X-Man movie (3). She's in Juno, which we think is pretty great. And we have every hope that we'll never see her have a mental breakdown, shame us with celebutard antics, or flash her catbag in public. She lives in Nova Scotia, fer crying out loud. That's pretty much the best. Even better, she and her roommate live in a haunted whorehouse. Ellen, don't ever change. [Jezebel]
  2. John McCain is rolling with the scum of the earth. [Yglz]
  3. George W. Bush's sense of medical ethics tells him that he must avoid the future shocking nonsense of sci-fi novels, unless of course, there's a way to achieve his party's ultimate goal--reducing women to the machinery of high-tech uterine farms. Brave new world, indeed. [1115]
  4. There's a lot to be creeped out/saddened/mystified by Theresa Duncan's death. I'm having the hardest time, however, trying to surmise what Spoon's Girls Can Tell had to do with it. [The Wit Of The Staircase]
  5. If you've not done so already, go get yr golden opportunities!

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