Friday, January 25, 2008

Double Zero What The Fuck?

According to the news today, the next installment of the James Bond franchise has begun shooting at England's famed Pinewood Studios. And the movie is going to be called...uhm...Quantum Of Solace. So there you have it. The people who once brought you the titles of goddamned GUIDED BY VOICES ALBUMS are now in the business of naming James Bond movies.


GBV Luvr said...

I would have preferred "A Portrait Destroyed by Fire." Or "Back to Saturn X."

Robson said...

"Quantum of Solace" was the name of one of the 007 short stories by Ian Fleming, collected within FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

It was widely rumored that the studio was leaning heavily toward another FYEO story, "Risico", for the rough plot and title of the next film. The story, a thrilling little film in which Bond finds that neither an Italian contact nor the head of a drug ring are what they seem, already formed much of the plot of the film FOR YOUR EYES ONLY.

Of course, the studio more than likely thought that their audience would stay away from a film with a title in a foreign language. But QUANTUM OF SOLACE is strange to imagine on a marquee.

Robson said...

And let's face it, it's not like TOMORROW NEVER DIES or THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH weren't shit titles, too.