Monday, January 07, 2008

Douches on the Rebound

Amanda takes issue with some dicktery over at WhyIHateDC today, but leave Rusty out of it. The offending column was penned by the site's former purveyor, James, whose latter days at the site were a festival of hack, crybaby fabulism, which allowed me many opportunties to light him up with mad pwnage. His long braying whine for someone--anyone--to do his sorry, inert, impotent ass some sort of favor was finally answered by effing Microsoft of all people, and he decamped to Seattle, causing our air to smell sweeter and the birds to sing louder.

Amanda, do not fret. His beloved Seattle Supersonics were bought by a high-toned, megalomaniac confidence man named Clayton Bennett. Bennett will either blackmail the city into giving him a new stadium, Washington Nationals-style, or he'll take the team to Oklahoma City. Either result for James will feel to him like a long, cold lick of his own damp, chapped ass. Funny thing, has the game gone the other way, it would have never occurred to me to rub his dumbassed face in it. But, then, that's because I'm just a better human being across every conceivable dimension. And so are you, Amanda, so think to yourself, "Oklahoma City SuperSonics," and allow yourself to feel superior.

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