Monday, January 21, 2008

Live Through This

Stereogum resuscitated this old cover of SPIN, circa April 1993. They make note of how awkward it is to look back at the pop-cultural taxonomies of yesteryear. I think it's just as awkward to look back and see that there was once a time that Bill Clinton was seen as leading something called "the New Optimism." Flash forward, it's pretty clear that he is on the vanguard of "the New Cynicism." I understand that his wife needs to defeat Barack Obama. It's just too bad that entails a dismantling of the same aspirational/inspirational brand of politics that fueled Clinton's rise in the first place. Things were once different.

It should be noted that Ice Cube was, in this issue, interviewed by Bell Hooks! Also, as disappointing as Bill Clinton has become this year, it's far more disappointing that Adrienne Shelley (on the cover, making out with Evan Dando - which is itself a disappointment) is dead. We all had such great plans.

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