Wednesday, January 09, 2008


One day, I'll make good on my threats to pen the book, Every Single Thing In The World That Is Awesome I Learned From Pygmalion In A Blanket. Actually, that will probably not be so much a "book" as it will be a "series of lectures." And by "series of lectures," I mean "incomprehensible rants made whilst living under a park bench" or something.

Anyway, today we have a post that finally, at long last, answers the question of how I've come to be so aware of AIDS. It all makes perfect sense. You got to PRAY just to MAKE IT to-dayyy!

SIDE NOTE: I, personally, have never even had a single Gusburger, owing to the fact that I am hellaciously allergic to its signature ingredient: the egg. Were I to consume one, I would quickly find myself vomiting all over the White Spot. Though, in this way, I would not be distinguishing myself from those who consume Gusburgers in perfect health.

Now...the super-secret hot-wings you can order from St. Maartens are another story.

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