Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To The 5 Boroughs

Through the modern miracles of motion pictures and digital video discs, I had the pleasure of watching two of the cinema's most essential New York City stories this weekend: the JJ Abrams-brainstorm Cloverfield - which is just as taut and thrilling as they'd have you believe - and the dreamy, moving Jim Sheridan movie In America (finally!), which was simply sublime. The central takeaway, of course, was that everything was a whole lot better before Giuliani. But I'm guessing you probably already knew that.

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A. L. Deviant said...

Have you see teh internets talk'n 'bout how the hollywoods luvs to destroy them some NYC? Cloverfield being just another example in the long list. What's up with that?

And In America is sweet sweet filmy goodness indeed. Gotta hand it to the Irish. They know how to make a tennement look and feel good.