Friday, January 18, 2008

We're Already Sick Of All The Sneaky Chefs

Know what I'm already sick to death of in 2008? The litigious carping between all these self-styled cooking mavens and their books that purport to "sneak" healthy foods like lima beans and asparagus into kids stomachs via iced creams, cake and fellatio. Seriously. STFU! Hey, Jessica Seinfeld! What are you even doing? Isn't Jerry rich as Croesus? What's with all the endeavoring and laboring? It really makes all of us who dream of marrying money and kicking back for a handful of decades look bad. And to both of you: why can't you tell kids the truth? What are they gonna do when they move out and have no fucking idea how it happened that they grew up strong and healthy on three square meals a day of RED VELVET CAKE, only to go off to college and come down with an incurable case of bubonic diabetes by November? Betcha didn't think of that. Besides: sneaking food within food? Isn't that what they did to Rasputin? For shame.

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