Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You Call This A Debate?

CatAn speaks of a "war" between proponents of Potbelly versus similar partisans in support of Cosi. Not much of a war! Potbelly seems to pride themselves on serving reasonable facsimiles of sandwiches with as much alacrity as possible. Cosi has the worst service of any restaurant chain anywhere, seems to hire people to run the store who are maddeningly stupid, and the bread that they seem to think is so damned special has the texture and taste of a leavened roofing shingle. Bah! Cosi pan, you tutti fruittis!


I was just telling Rachel Sklar that there is nowhere in DC to get poutine - and I'm not talking about the non-poutine poutines that they serve at Jimmy's Tavern in Herndon or at the Victoria Gastropub. Has this changed, internets? Where my Montreals at? How did we get saddled with their shit-ass-for-like baseballing concern and none of the cuisine? Those guys from Le Loup must eat that stuff!

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