Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Fundamentalists Truly Deserve One Another

In my opinion, rather than working ourselves into a national paranoiac lather over the existence of Muslim-Americans, this nation should promote itself as the best place on the planet to worship anything. Why not? What's the harm? It'd be a real kick in the eye to fundamentalist terrorists to hear us bragging about our centuries-old tradition of religious freedom and plurality, and frankly, it'd benefit from both American pride and the spirit of capitalist competitiveness.

That's just me. If you're an idiot, like, say Roger Kimball, it's better to get all het up in a juvenile, kindergarten snit. Saudi Arabia isn't a very tolerant place of other religions, he muses. Well, duh, dickcheese. Take that shit up with the Saudi's BFFs in the Bush administration, and leave the rest of us Americans out of it. He seems to think that the spirit of "reciprocity" - a conceptual hijacking he flies into the twin towers of common sense and intellectual honesty - demands we replicate the Saudi's Muslim-only roads to Mecca and keep the Islamoweirdies out of New York City. It's total nonsense, and not just because it's ...uhm...nonsense.

The exclusionist spirit engendered by those signs is alive and kicking right here in the U.S. of A., and it's exemplified in every feverish shit-fit thrown by bent religious ideologues when a shop clerk fails to say "Merry Christmas." It reveals itself every time a science teacher is fired from their job because they refuse to cater to Creationist claptrap. It rears its ugly head anytime someone suggests that it may not be proper for the Israeli military to level an entire apartment building to eliminate the one radical terrorist they suspect might be inside and is labelled an anti-Semite.

Anyway, outside of the utterly mean-minded hypocrisy this assbag promulgates, there's also a raft of essential stupidity: "But I would like to propose a different moratorium: a temporary reprieve or suspension of mosque building in the West until there are, say, 20 Christian churches and 20 temples in Saudi Arabia. That’s only a hundredth of the number of mosques there are in the U.S., but I don’t believe in making grandiose demands."

Oh, certainly. I wouldn't want to suggest that your insistence that Saudi Arabia built twenty synagogues destined to remain empty in perpetuity was grandiose.

[h/t: Unfogged]

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