Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: Eve Of The Election

I share, at least to some extent, the fears of peers that McCain's tendency to warmonger at the mouth and to embrace the stupidest Bush policies w/r/t Iraq and the world beyond these shores. Nevertheless, now that Rudy has been utterly vanquished, I find part of myself totally enjoying the prospect of Mitt Romney going down in flames tomorrow. Because he's a total joke and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

As tomorrow will likely bring McCain to the brink of the nomination, he was in Massachusetts today, getting into Romney's head (plenty of space, after all). The Democrats, however, are all said to be downplaying expectations. Unless of course, you're Terry McAuliffe, who will likely stand in front of the flaming maelstrom of the End Times and declare the sight to be a net win for humanity. Clinton's likely to win in California, but it won't be by much, so she's trying to set herself up for an upset win. Obama's downplaying his chances there, too. And they all should, because tomorrow's not likely to decide anything in the Democratic race - if you've modeled it, you probably already know that the delegate count is, at the end of the counting, not going to reveal the winner. Frankly, neither candidate is likely to seize a formidable lead. That said, the advantage is to Clinton, if only because Obama has to come off message. Face it: "Yes we might! (But probably not.)" isn't much of a rallying cry.

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