Monday, February 11, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: OK, Even I Haven't The Faintest Clue Who The Superdelegates Are

Ryan/TAPPED both mention that Jack Evans, Mary Cheh, and Jim Graham are superdelegates for the District of Columbia. That's not what the master lists at Democratic Convention Watch say. (They list the committed here and the uncommitted here.)

DC's Uncommitted SD's include:
Eleanor Holmes Norton
Michael Brown
Paul Strauss
Kathleen Vick
Christine Warnke
Larry Cohen
Donna Brazile
Anita Bonds
Jeffery Richardson

Clinton SDs:
Mary Eva Candon
Yolanda Caraway
Hartina Flournoy
Harold Ickes
Ben Johnson
Eric Kleinfeld
Minyon Moore
Elizabeth Smith
Marilyn Tyler Brown
Gerald McEntee
Carol Pensky

Obama SDs:
Adrian Fenty
James Zogby
Arrington Dixon

So, I don't know how Cheh, Graham and Evans fit into this. Interestingly, TAPPED has the count right, but they appear to be wrong on the who. Though, fuck if I know. This shit is confusing.

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