Saturday, February 23, 2008

CNN: The Most Trusted Name In Overhead Shots of Banquette Furniture

Hey, debate watchers, tell us: WHAT THE FUCK was up with those weird overhead shots of CNN's set at the debate? I mean, somebody...some grownup, said, "Oooh. Is that an extra camera? I know. Let's rig it from the ceiling, say...thirty-five feet off the ground? Get a nice view of the furniture." And then another grown-up, the director, literally called the show thusly: "Okay...go tight on 3. Good. Now let's get a shot of the audience, twenty....twenty-one. Now, back on four, four, tight on Obama. Good. Good. Now for the coup de grace: HIT EM WITH THE OVERHEAD CAM! YES! YES, MOTHERFUCKER! HOW YOU LIKE THAT SHIT!"

Anyway, if anyone ended up with any decent downblouse shots of Campbell Brown, you know how to email me.

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