Thursday, February 07, 2008

DCeptette: Logan Circle Liberation Front

  1. Also, Julia will be on hand to take your phonecalls in re how Fort Greene got so "big." [IN/TUM_BLRS]
  2. Adrian Fenty, we salute you. Gone are the meters. Allowed are the DCPS firings. Now, liberated shall be the residents of Logan Circle from Sunday morning ecclesiastical out-of-towners and their double parking. It's sure to cause quite a row from people who insist that they deserve special rights because of their roots in the community, but unless they've not a tepee or a Native American sweatlodge on their goddamned Maryland lawns, they can officially STFU. Also, they have no vote in DC, so it's about time a DC mayor stopped cottoning to interests that have no electoral impact and only make DC residents irked. [DCist]
  3. Super Tuesday's Big Winner, Canada Division: Feist! She takes home the Shortlist 2008 Award on the strength of Brian Williams endorsement. Also: blogs may have liked her. We're just happy it didn't go to Mitt Romney. [ProductShopNYC]
  4. This is where a bunch of asshats and skanks walked, swam, hunted, danced and sang. Take a picture here. Puke a souvenir. [Pygmalion In A Blanket]
  5. We found out California really is for the Clintons. Missouri is full of late voters that love Claire McCaskill like their mother. West Virginia caucuses hard with redoes, deals and Huckabee. American Samoa is tres beady but they make such yummy cookies. Super Tuesday almost killed me. [HuffPolitics]

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