Monday, February 25, 2008


So, if you and your North Arlington-based loved ones were without power today, I can tell you what happened because I was at the epicenter of the Brief Blackout Apocalypse of February 2008. Sometime this afternoon, shortly after I had completed my liveblog of the Sunday morning gabfests, the distinct sounds of a horrible Michael Bay movie occurred outside my window. Three teeth-rattling explosions that knocked our power out. I went downstairs to investigate and saw that a transformer atop one of our electric poles had gone kablooey and the whole works were in flames.

Naturally we called 9-11, along with about 30 other people. Our building manager came by to see what had happened. She got the power company on the phone, and told them we were without power. The power company said that they'd send someone round to see if the problem could be identified. She was basically all: "Yeah, well, unless your shit is supposed to be on fire, that should be pretty easy."

The ACFD showed up, and that's when we found out that electricity was gone from Lorcom Lane all the way up to the Court House district. And that people were being rescued from elevators. That must have been real fun. Anyway, shit was bananas for a long time, but they did manage to restore power (obvs, or I wouldn't be blogging), which on a Sunday afternoon, getting it back by nightfall to such a wide area pretty much counts as great work in my book. Wife of DCeiver made it on the local CBS news tonight at around 6:30, describing the noises and our cats' reactions to them (wild-eyed terror, panicky flights underneath furniture), so once again, our household has upheld its proud tradition of service journalism. So, carry on, electricity consumers of Arlington: today, your carbon footprint was slightly diminished.


Anonymous said...

The power went out yesterday (sun) for about an hour in my neighbor in Dawson Terrace area. Sucked.

Anonymous said...

Power went out in my neighbor around Dawson Terrace for about an hour yesterday (sun) as well. Traffic lights on Lee Hgwy were out too. Kind of weird considering it was sunny and hardly windy (for once)