Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ha, Ha! Your Medium Is Dying: There Will Be Abs

Thank you, Paul. You know, there's still plenty of things that print media can do. One of the things it can't do, however, is allow the reader to experience the sound of a couple of nuts rattling around inside a tin can. I mean, sure, online, you can upload a MP3 or something, but it still doesn't convey the visceral feeling of an idiotic rattling sound that might go on forever and ever were it not for a kind editor.

But this comes very close: a meeting of the nimmest of rods. Middle-class prude maven Laura Sessions Stepp and himbo jugger-not David Zinczenko. It's a great conversation. As you might suspect, the word "abs" makes it in really early on. Stepp gets to ask crazy sweeping questions like, "Men are historically uninterested in health issues. Why?" Soon, Zinczenko is talking up the life-saving advantages of vanity, which is hilarious because if we were talking about women getting their vanity on, Stepp would be decrying it. She never questions the double-standard, but then, why would she? As Stepp would say: "Grey rape away, boys!"

This is the best:

We're also behind a big push to help guys consider their mental health. Americans are finally focusing on this as a result of veterans returning from battle. Of the 1.4 million servicemen deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan as of November 2006, 30 percent used alcohol to cope. They also reported anxiety and depression in double digits, and 7 percent said they seriously considered suicide. The war is a bellwether for an ongoing mental health crisis among men.
Nice to know that Zinczenko has learned the hard lessons from the Iraq War. In the next issue of Men's Health, learn how to trim your nose hairs while burning abdominal fat at the same time!

Anyway, the only thing left is for Toby from Vividblurry and Rusty from WhyIHateDC to have a panel discussion on the interview, which would probably be the most insightful thing the DC blogosphere has seen in years. Also the most gay.

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