Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Idiot Girl And Her Magic Window Take A Ride To Williamsburg

We're making fun of videos of people driving today, like we do every February 19th! But, after seeing this fucking commercial on the air for the 987th time, it finally had to be said: this is maybe the douchiest commercial on teevee today. It depicts some yupster moron who gets so BLOWN AWAY by a FUCKING WINDOW that she drifts off into catatonia. And her asshole friends, who just leave her dumb ass in the car. WAKE UP, MORON. We've got overpriced oysters to shovel into our gullet. "The Funeral" is an awesome song, though--it totally deserves a better commercial.


Clayton said...

Marlow's ice creams are WONDERFUL.

the girl who works the counters weekdays is not only very cute but very friendly and generous with her scoops.

finally. overpriced? you used the word williamsburg in your title. shouldn't you know better?

The Deceiver said...

Ha! Touche!