Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Official Amanda Mattos/Futurama Mashup

Via Mandy.

AMANDA: I used to watch Nip/Tuck. I watched this season's premiere. Let my DVR record the next few, never watched them, then decided to let this one go. It's always been completely off the meds, but it's gone from edgy and compelling to pure shock value in the past few seasons.

They're in Los Angeles.

AMANDA: For some reason I just decided to read some recaps of this season so far, and my sweet holy god. Topics covered in the 3 episodes I've read about: a woman defecating in a hot tub, scientology leading to meth addiction in a couple with a new born baby, said meth addicted father doing gay porn to make drug money...

Exactly. They're in L.A.

AMANDA: ...straight to lesbian to straight to lesbian to i have no idea, a high school girl who is an evil sloot who lost her virginity to a horse and got her hymen reconstructed and is coaching a younger girl in how to be bulimic...

That's L.A. for you!

AMANDA: ...a wealthy plastic surgeon deciding to turn tricks for L.A.'s wealthy and batshit nutty older women, an eagle attacking Rosie O'Donnell's face while she hanglides, yet another person switching between sexual orientations like it's a hair color...

Wow. You just won't stop with the social commentary!

AMANDA: ...and much, much more.

And the people are all phonies. No one reads. And everything has cilantro on it.

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