Friday, February 08, 2008

Rat Kings Are Real!

OMG! This is disgusting. And horrible! Was Dennis from 30 Rock right about everything? Are half the twenty-year-olds actually sixteen? Is technology cyclical? Holy shit. Looks like I need to go buy a pager from somebody.

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The Governess said...

Re: Dennis....

basically nice, takes good care of his feet, makes good chili, remembers my birthday, rarely wants to do it, is funny when he goofs on his friends, doesn't care about money, too lazy to cheat, would increase likelihood of blue-eyed kid, likes the simpsons, has good hair, has already seen me throw up two times, fixed tv, Jack likes Dennis

not super smart, listens to Winger, dental hygiene, wears acid washed denim, always wants food rubs,not much money, Catholic, doesn't like his mother, I don't like his mother, his mother doesn't like me, loves family guy, reads the Post, insists on spending holidays with his mother, has already seen me throw up, attempted threeway, racist, wears italian horn even though irish, Jack likes Dennis