Saturday, February 02, 2008

Summary of the Summary Judgement: January 2008

Because we felt that the last post, which summarized the previous month of posts in the hopes that it might be short enough for those of you who haven't followed the exploits of this blog to nevertheless enjoy yourselves, might ITSELF be too long for some of you to enjoy, we are also offering this Summary of That Summary of the previous month, in the hopes that it might be short enough for those you who don't have the time to read the summary of this blog and its exploits in the previous month to nevertheless enjoy yourselves.


Right now.


For the moment: cry, cry, cry.

Dear Iowa Republicans, Toward Hope!

All right!

Edwards exulted.

Wife of DCeiver: Wow.

There's his silly grab at the Obama bandwagon.

Pareene works for Gawker.

The people have spoken?


Also, crying: it works!

Know hope, crazy dancing guy.


That night, Hunter had been drinking beer in her friend's dorm room and watching movies when she impulsively sent Shaw-Fox a text message. Guess what? Uhm, duh. Dude.

Uhm...gee, Kath.

Jim Fassel?

Silly Huckabee!

Fuck if I know.

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