Tuesday, February 26, 2008

That Drugged Up Weirdie Is Possibly The One Man Who Can Save Us All.

Obviously, Gary Busey is straight nutlog. This was never more apparent than last night, when Busey accosted Jennifer Garner, Ryan Seacrest, and Laura Linney outside the Oscars. Actually, scratch that. It did become more apparent when he attempted to explain himself on Seascrest's radio show this morning:

"You captured me...You are to me, when you're working, an innocent champion of honesty. Your heart has a way to embrace the truth in your delivery. Without looking like you are reading from a script...Spontaneity comes from an invisible idea, that is there before the creation begans."
Scary, I know. And yet, with William S. Burroughs dead, he's our most powerful weapon in the war against the Scientologists.
Watch your back, Leah Remini.

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