Sunday, February 17, 2008

WPNI Lame-Off

There's not much to recommend the City Paper's recent cover story, "One Mission, Two Newsrooms." I mean it ranges from the "Oh, yeah. Print versus web, eh? Egggghhh. I've been reading Poynter for about five years now, so, uhm...yeah. Call me or something, when you have something new to say on the issue," to the plain ol' dumb: OH NOES! THEY HAS TWO OFFICESES? If only there were cellular phone devices or a rich tradition of separate, international bureaus or something!!

It did have one good part, though! The ins and outs of the battle between the Going Out Gurus and the Weekend Section. Yes, for a while there the social lives of every forty-five year old suburbanite hung in the balance! And then you realized you really didn't even care.

Not even a little bit.

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