Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: Corkscrews Over Bosnia

The Clinton campaign is now battling with the comedian Sinbad over the correct characterization of a trip to Kosovo that the two took together (along with Sheryl Crow) to Bosnia back in 1996. The Clinton campaign wants to make the trip out to be a tense, high-wire, nail-biting journey into the dark, beating heart of mortal danger. Sinbad, has a different recollection of the trip: "I think the only 'red-phone' moment was: 'Do we eat here or at the next place.'" But, of course, all the dicking around overlooks the macro point - which is that the very fact that Sinbad accompanied HRC on this trip is more or less proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the trip was of limited importance. Still, I'm sure Geraldine Ferraro has a lot to say about how lucky Sinbad was.

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