Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: Here Be Monsters

See, Barack Obama! That's what you get for making a big deal about this whole "new kind of politics" bullshit! If you had just stuck to the old style of politics instead of insisting you hold yourself to some sort of high standard of niceness and civility that someone had to fail at meeting sooner or later, then your surrogates would have been allowed to wildly allege that your opponent sold drugs on the streets of Chicago!

Anyway, we hope you learned your lesson! Hillary Clinton has been called a monster before, and has been pursued by monsters (like Ken Starr, ironically enough) and she doesn't like being called a monster now. If you are going to call the Clintons names, it's better that you use a name that they've historically never registered any offense or concern at hearing. Something like "genocidaire."

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