Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: Nancy Pelosi Will FUCK You Up

I find it amusing that a gaggle of Clinton donors think that they can send a scathing letter to Nancy Pelosi and expect that the Speaker is going to give two slim millimeters of a damn. Have they forgotten where this woman came from? Before she became the doyenne of San Francisco politics, she was Nancy D'Alesandro, of the Baltimore D'Alesandros, who ran the hell out of that city (and who were likely mobbed up several ways from Sunday). Pelosi may be thought of as synonymous with foofy Berkeley-style liberalism, but she can crush a motherfucker when she needs to. Do you really think she's afraid of Clinton donors?

SIDENOTE: Really? You're new strategy is to try to intimidate the first female Speaker of the House? Well, GO FEMINISM!


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See? Even you're too big a pussy to sign your name to that! That makes YOU the "cunt bitch."