Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Audacity of Dopes: Oh, Mickey...

I will never really understand how it is Mickey Kaus came to have a career as a writer. Ever! He's come a very long way for a guy who struggles with complete sentences, relies too much on outlines and boldface because he lacks the wit to come to a point without a klutzy clatter and bang, and who clings to a set of tiresome, doctrinaire ideas like grim death. I can only imagine that the Slate office is infested with a million, billion tiny hairs and if Kaus wasn't there to split them, they'd be overrun like a Tribble infestation or something.

His attempt at reaction to the Obama speech is another singularly hapless offering, filled with a thousand "Oh, gawd..." moments. Kaus actually takes issue with the way Obama orders the words "wrong" and "divisive": "Doesn't Obama mean Rev. Wright's comments were 'not only divisive but wrong,' rather than the other way around? Isn't it worse to be wrong than 'divisive?' He actually said this! When my wife asks me to pick up "milk" and "bread" from the store, I don't wonder if I should obtain one of them with greater ferocity or passion. He's one to talk about equivalencies!

Anyway, as you can reliably count on them to do each day, Jezebelles Moe and Megan rip Kaus apart in the name of quarantining this national disease of what-the-fuckington-fuck-itis, but we should mark this occasion in our calendar - because today is the day that Mike Huckabee officially eclipsed Mickey Kaus in the arena of "making a goddamned lick of sense" - and Huckabee doesn't even know how to multiply!

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