Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: On The Transient Nature Of Luck

So, Geraldine Ferraro is convinced that Barack Obama is "lucky" to be black. Well, good on ya, Geraldine. I mean, here I thought you were dead, but your were just forgotten, and you've re-emerged in your dotage, thinking you know something or other about good fortune. What can I say? I'm reminded of the time that Barbara Bush opined that the residents of New Orleans were lucky because they got to live on a cot at the Houston Astrodome. Yes, sir, that must have been like winning the goddamned lottery. Of course, the drowned and deceased of post-Katrina New Orleans were the luckiest, because they got to meet Jesus.

Anyway, luck's a funny thing. Lately, I've been musing on Obama's luck myself. His bad luck, though. Consider what awful bad luck its been for Obama that Ross Perot existed! Why, if Ross Perot hadn't come along to run for president, you'd be hard pressed today to find five people in your life who even knew what a Hillary Clinton was. One can only hope they keep shoving microphones near the piehole of Geraldine Ferraro, wizened philosoph.

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