Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: Surmounting The Caucuses

As far as I know, the caucus process, while weird, never really bothered anyone too unduly until this year, when the Clinton campaign started putting down the process, declaring the caucus practice as undemocratic and too easily won by hopemongers who, as for as they know, aren't Muslim. If you listen to their camp expound feverishly against the practice these days, you'd almost think that the whole nature of caucuses caught them off-guard somehow. Thirty-five years of experience should have taught them differently.

Funny thing, though: back when this primary process was but a glint in the eye of the state of Iowa, the Clinton campaign had an altogether different point of view where caucuses were concerned, which they communicated to their supporters in a little bit of viral video. Watch the attached clip, and count the number of times that the Clinton team warns of the difficult process and the intrinsic unfairness of the caucus process. Here's a hint: you will need all of none fingers to do this counting.

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16thstreetj said...

I went to Grinnell College and was there for the caucuses in 1992. It was nice and quaint, but because Iowa Senator Tom Harkin was running that year it didn't really matter very much. I think if I had been paying better attention I might have wondered if this was really any respectable way to choose a President.