Friday, March 07, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: Who You Gonna Call, 3/6 Terrorists?

According to the news, the dastardly terrorists who broke a window at the Times Square Army Recruiting Center where Rudy Giuliani had placed his pirate gold and broken FDNY radios sent emails to eight House Democrats, all of whom will now probably vote to have your phones tapped by the NSA. The Politico says that they all went to members of the New York House delegation, and some others. But don't these terrorists watch the teevee? Because the teevee says there's no need to send emails to Jerrold Nadler when you can just call Senator Hillary Clinton's 24/7 terrorporn hotline! Why didn't they call her at 3AM? Maybe they did, but they got the voicemail message: "Hello, no one can take your call right now. If you're from Pennsylvania, leave some money after the beep."

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