Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Audacity of Dopes: Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh. Why DId I Ever Leave Ohio?

Basically we had four contests tonight, with latte sipping Vermonters breaking for Hope and Ohio and Rhode Islanders opting for Hopeless and Texas probably called for Clinton but yielding more delegates to Obama because that's what Texans do: MAKE SENSE ALL THE GODDAMNED TIME. Anyway, Hillary has got total momentum now and is on the comeback trail and is, I guess, going to pretend that this matters, even though the delegate disadvantage she has is basically insurmountable even with Florida and Michigan and superdelegates. Maybe there's other things she can win with all the important momentum? Like some nice door prizes or a gift certificate or the President of Saturday Night Live? This time next week, by the way, the delegate deficit she's facing will be larger than it was before tonight's primaries but FUCK IT IT'S ON THE PENNSYLVANIA AND PUERTO RICO and certain oblivion.

There will be liveblogs! Here's mine, and here's Ana's.

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Ramar said...

Damn you, Lorne Michaels. Why are Canadians allowed to influence U.S. politics? Shouldn't this be some kind of international incident that requires aircraft carriers to be sent into Canadian waters?