Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Next Big Things

Uhm, so, yeah. We used to do this shit where we marked up y'alls calendar with awesomeness. Not sure why we stopped. Brief touch of agoraphobia, maybe? Who knows. Promise to do better, and lets start right now.

So, we went to the second DCist Exposed show on its opening night, and, what else is there to say? Lines around the block, big crowds and feathers in caps all around. The work - what we got close enough to see, anyway - was even better than our inaugural show at the Warehouse. I'm going back to finish it off this weekend. If you haven't been, avail yourself of the opportunity. At Civilian Art Projects, 406 7th Street NW. Take Green/Yellow to Archives/Navy Memorial/Penn Quarter. Hours 2-6pm or by appointment.

For those of you who are SXSWing this week, there's no better way to spend your Thursday in Austin than supporting your hometown heroes at the DC DOES TEXAS show, which DCister/Yellow Stereo-er Val Paschall helped to organize. It's a GREAT lineup: Georgie James, Le Loup, These United States, Pash, Middle Distance Runner, Jukebox The Ghost, Samantha Murphy, and Exit Clov. At Cream Vintage, 2532 Guadelupe, ATex. Noon-7.

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