Saturday, March 08, 2008

On The Cover

This Month:

  • Britney Spears loses her goddamned mind: A deontological examination by Julia Allison
  • Is America prepared to accept Adnan Ghalib slaking his thirst within Spears' sugar walls? And what does it mean for the Middle East peace process? Matt Yglesias is forced - probably at gunpoint - to explain
  • Andrew Sullivan wrote a song for Barack Obama that is so twee it makes Belle and Sebastian sound like Motorhead. Do you want to hear it? Well, DO you?
  • FROM LAST MONTH: So which religion won? Not Mike Huckabee's, that's for sure!

PLUS: OMG, OMG The Wire, Y'all!
and much, much more in this month's ATLAR!

1 comment:

Bridal Bird said...

I was considering writing them a letter when I got my issue the other day: "OMG, Atlantic, I'm like totes dissapointed in you guys. Please to go back to covering serious world affairs and stuff. Kthainxbai."