Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pitchfork Shows Their Ass

Always a joy when the ersatz tastemakers of Pitchfork get caught with their dicks swinging in the breeze, and Eric Harvey's "review" of the new Ghostland Observatory record is a fine example. Jeff Baum notes, "This is not a review of the record, it’s a hype audit." It's even worse. It's a reviewer that doesn't let obvious contradiction stand in the way of his own egomania:

In addition, the first time I heard of Ghostland Observatory was from a DVD sent to me of their December '07 "Austin City Limits" gig, coming on the strength of two completely-ignored self-released records on a self-created label (it doesn't hurt that they're from Austin, but c'mon). And: They've already played Lollapalooza twice and appeared on freakin' Conan.

Uhm...their two previous releases, especially Paparazzi Lightning were hardly "completely-ignored." The most obvious evidence to the contrary being that they were booked on the Conan O'Brien show. Pretty embarrassing, and frankly, worse than Maxim's recent "review the new Black Crowes album without actually hearing it" scandal. At least that Maxim review was ostensibly about the band. This review is about the reviewer.

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