Thursday, March 13, 2008

This Makes All Those Stories From Michael Azzerad's Our Band Could Be Your Life Just Seem Sorta Sad, Y'Know?

Daily Intelligencer reports on how Spitzer's trollop is faring:

Last night, Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a.k.a. "Kristen," told the New York Times she was worried about paying her rent in the fancy Flatiron district building in which she lives. But in fact, in the less than 24 hours since that interview took place, Dupre's personal wealth has increased considerably. The two songs on her Amie Street profile, which each cost 98 cents, have been downloaded more than two million times, and Dupre will receive 70 percent of the total profit.
If you want to give her tracks a listen, head over to her Amie Street profile. That second song, by the way, was hastily added today. Don't expect either to be very good, though Alex Pareene is probably onto something when he says, "Will it become an ironic club hit for a weekend? Probably! At ironic clubs!"

I don't really know where the DI is getting their sales metrics from, but "Suck it, D. Boon!" I guess.

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