Monday, March 31, 2008

Worst! (Out of Three)

OK. I thought this whole College Basketball Invitational was a horrible idea. I mean, some bubble teams end up stewing in the NIT, so it's not abysmal quality ball there. I can even see the value of the NIT in that it gives some teams that just need a little seasoning a chance to compete in the simulacrum of tourney pressure, so that they can take some criticial extra experience with them in the following season. But the CBI's teams are just BAD (and this includes my alma mater) - they aren't quality teams, they need more than a few extra games to get one should suffer the sight of these teams playing in April. (OK, fine: Sean Singletary gets to perform in front of the home crowd one/two last time(s), but frrrchrssakes!, they ALREADY RETIRED HIS JERSEY!

So, does CBI=bad? No! CBI=WORST. Wanna know why? Because their "championship" game (which will pit Tulsa against Bradley, btw), is not actually a game. It is a BEST TWO OUT OF THREE SERIES. Can you even. Fucking. Imagine? Tulsa playing Bradley two out of three is what plays at the ESPN Zone in Hell.

Here's my favorite. The schedule reads:

3/31 at Tulsa
4/2 at Bradley
4/4 at Tulsa (if necessary)

That has to be the most ironic deployment of the words "if necessary" in the history of the goddamned world.

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PK said...

If it makes you feel any better, the games cost $5 to go to, and I'm fairly certain that they are not televised at all. So you know, why not? In fact, my lone objection is that they bother selecting teams at all. Why don't they just have a tournament at the end of the year for ALL of the teams that didn't make the real tournament?

Also, since they apparently don't retire numbers anymore, what does it mean that they retired his "jersey"? If, say, Bob Singletary comes along in the recruiting class of 2019, he can't wear #44 because the "Singletary 44" jersey is retired? But anybody else can wear 44 because it would have a different name on it?

In other UVA b-ball related news: Gary Forbes of UMass made the all-America honorable mention (like Singletary did)... as did Derrick Byars last year. I think that last year, as good as we were, we probably would have been beaten by a team of former UVA players that had transferred away (including Byars, Forbes, Donte "Mountaineer" Minter, and any number of chump point guards I've forgotten about)... ugh.