Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: Compassion Forum

I wrote a bit today on CNN's "Compassion Forum" from last night. It was a stupid sounding name for a candidate/campaign event - though maybe CNN will balance this with a "Misanthropy Forum" at a later date - but I thought the quality of the questions were extraordinary. At least the questions asked by the various religious leaders that were present as guests. The questions asked by the two media professionals, Campbell Brown and John Meacham were unbelievably inane. Listening to their grasp of religious issues and how everything gets reduced to tiny nugget of stupidity, it makes you wonder where the media finds the gall to lead a conversation about what candidate is out of touch with America. Brown and Meacham come across as developmentally disabled Martians. You can compare and contrast for yourself. It's not the debates that have gotten small, it's the minds of those who host them.

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