Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: How To Dismantle An Atom Bomb

So the Democratic primary just goes on and on and on and on and on, with the same old issues leading to the same old questions asked by the same old reporters to different people on different days. "Do you think the long process benefits McCain? Well do you? Do you? Do you?" And hell, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, but you know what would feel REAL GOOD ABOUT NOW? The end. The effing end. Because then we could at least move to the next question, "Do you think that long process benefitted McCain?" I am ready to face that question! But as we keep learning, no one is dropping out of the race and no one can render a decision and no one can force this thing to end.

Or can they? I read this and realized, OMG. There is one entity who can act, in short order, to end the Democratic race swiftly and decisively and fairly. The people of Pennsylvania! Yes. A lot of people see the gap in the polls narrowing between Obama and Clinton and are like: "Whaddayaknow? The bowling stuff works!" But maybe, just maybe, Pennsylvania is filled with Democrats who are slowly realizing that the only way to stop McCain from benefitting from the long primary process is to put a stop to the process. So they are switching to Obama in the hopes that it will end the primary contest.

And you must believe! It will. Mainly because the Clinton argument is: we win big states (big states being the plausibly sizable states we've won), important states, states that prove we're electable. It's a bad argument in one sense: it's totally illogical. But it's a good argument in another sense: it happens to be what is occurring. They managed to get everyone to forget that they invested that sort of rationale in Texas after she ended up losing Texas, but they've talked now, for weeks about how Pennsylvania fits their model, that if she fails to win Pennsylvania, their whole argument goes right out the window. She would have to leave to race. She would just have to. I mean, she might not! But she would have to.

And what's more: this is probably the last time voters can decisively act in such a way that they end the Democratic primary. If they do not stop it now, we're going to run the full calendar and beyond. Pennsylvania is the last chance to bring this in on time. So why are we talking about Obama bowling? Shit! I SHOULD BE UP THERE BOWLING. I SHOULD BE UP THERE CAMPAIGNING.

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Bram Reichbaum said...

Greetings from Pittsburgh. The only people still pulling for Sen. Clinton are Republicans, the entirety of the local county and state Dem party machine (who are damn close to Republicans -- we have few admitted "Republicans" out here, it's more like the B'ath party), and scattered pockets of lady types who would sooner DIE than betray the Hillary.

However, the entirety of the urban set and the bowling set are getting damn sick of this race as well, and more and more of them are dropping to Obama's pheremones with each passing hour. I think we may have you covered!