Sunday, April 13, 2008

Drive In, Drive Out

I have to respectfully disagree with Tom Bridge here: while it is never, ever okay to cut in line at the drive thru, of course walk-ups are welcome. In the first place, green is universal: and as long as you are carrying some green for the Taco Bell or whatnot, and can stand being under the withering gaze of Mr. Fancy Pants Corolla Driver, well...get you some Meximelt, then, son! Non-car drivers, public transpo enthusiasts, deserve late night take out, too, people? And what about the blind? And amputees? What about people who hate cars but LOVE the pneumatic tubes that banks use in their drive thrus? And in Venice? Sorry, gondola users, but motherfucking swimmers should be able to get take out also.

But you Segway users? Yeah. You all can get bent.

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