Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Grumpy! But True!

My theatrical colleague over at Secure Yr Rights meets an annoying actor:

Primarily a screen actor, he proceeds to waste 20 minutes of my time with a long, convoluted, and ultimately stupid movie pitch. Something about a extra on a movie set who is also a ninja. Then asked me who I knew for almost 2 hours straight.

Eek. I was going to pitch you my own idea for a movie: basically, ninjas meets Kings Dominion. Of course, by "ninjas," I mean as many hopped up skels as you can stuff into ninja costumes, and by Kings Dominion, I mean basically that you run around Kings Dominion filming their foolishness for as long as you can until the authorities toss you. It came to me in a dream! The same dream I always have.

Anyway, jeez. Last summer you hated writers. Now you hate actors. Go ahead! Cast your lot with the lighting designers! They'll eventually turn their back on you, too. You'll see.

PS: I agree with your penultimate graf. I'd rather be cast out of confidence than friendship because when you are, it bolsters both your confidence AND your friendship.

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Joemybro said...

Lighting Designers will eventually take over the world, if we ever find our way out of the bar.