Friday, April 04, 2008

In Case You Missed It

I had a day on on my day know, like Dr. King would have wanted, which I spent filling in for Sommer as a guest blogger at DCist. Here's what I done did:

Morning Roundup

Thieves Plunder Area Food Bank

No Taxonomy Without Representation (recommended!)

WashTimes EIC Announces Coming Changes

For Area Blogger, Brunch At Kramerbooks Becomes Distressing Sartrian Ordeal (Thanks to Kriston for literary consultation!)

Does D.C. Have a Novel Deficiency? (Think piece!)

Go Home Already!

Also, please see Amanda's interview with Olivia Mancini and Randy Scope. Olivia Mancini and the Housemates get their freak on tomorrow at the Black Cat with Georgie James.

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