Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Iraq Fun Facts! With David Petraeus

So, today, legendary military genius David Petraeus was showing off this bar graph that documented how many caches of explosives had been found in the last few years of the Iraq Quagmire. In general, there's an upward trend. And I don't remember the exact figures for each year, but it was something like: 2,300 in 2006, 6,000 something in 2007, and 2,600 so far in 2008. Petraeus said, "As you can see, this year alone, we've found more caches of explosives than we did in the entirety of 2006."

Good news, right? I suppose it could be. I have to confess, though, the thought that ran through my head looking at the chart was more like, "Holy shit! How many goddamned caches of explosives do they have in that country? How do they find room for anything else?" Because another way of looking at the numbers is that, over time, the need to store explosives in caches has intensified. Almost as if warring sects are biding their time and stockpiling resources for a civil war, maybs?

Anyway...if the trend reverses, Petraeus will probably come back with another graph and say, "We're finding fewer and fewer caches of explosives. Good news! Plus we taught a monkey to dance!"

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