Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oy, Milloy

Rusty bravely gawks agape at the Great Works of Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy, who typically passes through readers' consciousnesses and the Metro page like water through a sieve, save for those occasions where he goes tilt-a-whirl with uninformed lunacy, as he does in today's return to his wild-eyed HPV vaccine conspiracy theories, hatched just over a year ago when Milloy freaked the fuck out and started running around shrieking "Tuskegee! Tuskegee!"

He is one for bizarre equivalencies, which is why I hope Rusty finds some time to enjoy this gem, in which Mike Vick-style dogfighting is shown to be exactly the same thing as the meat industry, because, after all, Vick was just a guy who, in the course of serving a perfectly mainstream public demand for, uhm...dead dogs I guess?...devised a means of production that sacrificed the humane treatment of animals in the name of expediency. Also, lots of people loved Barbaro, and he died, and now we're sad, bad people. Also, the Judge in Vick's case also once presided over terrorism cases, so does that make Vick a terrorist in the eyes of the law or does it just mean that judges have diverse case loads. Who knows? TUSKEGEE!

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