Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Signs of My Declining Mind

Last night, for the first time ever, my dreams included a moment in which I sent out an update on Twitter. What's worse is that after waking, it was the only part of my dream that I could remember: "@ Zaytinya w/CatAn, interviewing Rhett Miller." Now, I can think of worse things to do - or to dream of - than eating at Zaytinya, and interviewing Rhett Miller with Catherine. But I should not wake up suffused with worry that I actually sleepwalked to my computer and tweeted that. I do not view any of this as a positive development.

1 comment:

catherine said...

i saw your twitter yesterday on dreaming that you'd twitters. and i then I DREAMED LAST NIGHT that i'd twittered something. unfortunately, i can't remember what it was, but not as awesome as rhett and us eating at zaytinya.