Thursday, April 03, 2008

This Day In Mandychatting: Honest, to Blog.

DCEIVER: well, I have drawn a line. I shall not Tumblelog.

BLOGS T R E T C H: yeah, i must say, i'm not fond of tumblr. it's hard to read! and, why can't you just... put that shit on your BLOG

DCEIVER: the appeal is lost on me. But the greatest blogger in the history of blogging, Alex Balk, now Tumbls, and that gives it mad credibility.

BLOGS T R E T C H: yeah, his tumblr is great. because he actually WRITES stuff on it! most i've seen are a dumping ground for twitter, del.i.cious and flickr

DCEIVER: exactly. funnily enough, it seems that Tumblr inspires the average blogger to start many different blogs of limited appeal.

BLOGS T R E T C H: hahahaha oh my god i couldn't agree more and oddly, sort of the opposite of what tumblr was intended for

DCEIVER: And that way lies MADNESS. I know all too well. I created what must have been the most short-lived, but well-publicized blog in the history of the universe. There was a time where everyone thought that David Lee Roth was seriously training to be a new york city EMT, so I started THE NIGHT THAT DAVID LEE ROTH SAVED MY LIFE on the back of this news. It was picked up quickly by Gothamist and all these places...on, like, the same day. It may have been my one-day site visit record.

BLOGS T R E T C H: bwaahahahahhaah

DCEIVER: Of course, the problem was, there really wasn't a whole lot of DLR Rescue 9-11, there wasn't anything to write about. And then he stopped training as an EMT altogether.

BLOGS T R E T C H: that's a true shame

DCEIVER: I sort of imagined that there would be all these great stories to share. didn't happen.

BLOGS T R E T C H: it was good foresight. if it had come to fruition, you'd have been riding a big old wave.

DCEIVER: yes. it was like lightning in a bottle. really bad lightning in a very tiny bottle.

BLOGS T R E T C H: i mean, what if the lolcat people hadn't put up their first icanhazcheezburger?

DCEIVER: very true!

BLOGS T R E T C H: how the hell would any of us communicate anymore without the advent of kthxbai?

DCEIVER: I know! It makes you realize...this work we do as bloggers is furtive and fumbling. Mostly casting about in the dark, chasing down different ideas, hoping that the next bit of whimsy sparks something massive. Few of us ever get to taste it, but in the end, one thing we can all take pride in is the fact that we are laying the foundations for most of Diablo Cody's future screenplays.

BLOGS T R E T C H: That may be the most relevant observation about the internet to come yet out of the year 2008.

DCEIVER: The year is young.

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Ron LAWL said...

Tumblr does serve well for quick spotting and posting of WTFness that deserves little comment beyond the occasional point-and-laugh. Case in point: