Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We Hold These Truths To Be Not Toward

Marvel is new to this whole movie producing biz, having gone all in after watching the studios rake in profits with their properties over past few summers. The road's been a little bumpy, beginning with the high profile problems that come when you decide to do another Hulk movie, like, three weeks after Ang Lee failed in the attempt, and add furtherance to the fuckup by getting notorious fussbudget douche Ed Norton involved to kill your project like so many Smoochies.

But for sheer cluelessness, nothing beats this - surely a strike against the upcoming Iron Man:

To us the more glaring missing cameo was of our fave Wu-banger Ghostface Killah who had confirmed to MTV back in November of last year that after some campaigning on his part (or at least being publicly vocal about his potential exclusion), that Favreau had cast him in a small cameo alongside Robert Downey Jr., but he was also nowhere to be seen (The reason Ghost would be there at all? The rapper is a huge Iron Man fan, naming his first album Iron Man and adopted the alter ego of Tony Stark as one of his many rap aliases).

Damn, Marvel! How is it possible, circa 2008, for y'all to have an embarrassment of riches that includes a Ghostface cameo and you're not even gonna put it in the damn movie? What movie isn't improved by the inclusion of Ghostface? And there are many that would give their right nut to secure a cameo. This is out of step with America, Marvel. THIS IS NOT TOWARD.

Say what you want about Judd Apatow, but you can bet yr ass that he won't be making this mistake when he releases the Bill Hader/Seth Rogen buddy comedy Supreme Clientele.

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