Saturday, April 26, 2008

White House Correspondents Dinner

This weekend is the White House Correspondents Dinner, and over at FishbowlDC, they have asked their readers to submit tee-shirt designs commemorating the event. And what? Two of them were mine! Go and guess which ones if you like! It shouldn't be too hard! In the first place, you're probably used to a certain level of contempt from me, given the fact that this blog has tags such as "people who inexplicably get paid to write complete fucking nonsense for major newspapers," "ego driven twattery masquerading as journalism," and "that's right I fucking said ASTRONAUT SEX." Yes. That last one is media related (look it up!). But, in the second place, and more importantly, there are only six submissions, so you've got a good chance at figuring them out even if you take a wild guess!

Six submissions! That's all? Well, in recent years, I've gotten this vibe that more and more, the media elite have been trying to tamp down the overt whorishness of the affair, so they're probably downplaying the extent to which they are desperate for attention.

And with that, I've probably given the game away. Oh well.

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