Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Audacity Of Dopes: It Could Have Been A Brilliant Career

Howard Wolfson is denying the rumor that he is penning a book that delves into "what went wrong" with the Clinton campaign, which is too bad, because there are few people in better position to know than one of the guys whose resolutely cocked things up over the past year. Did you hear that conference call this morning? It was like poop scooped from a Marcel Duchamp. Anyway...there's your cover, as we imagine it. RADAR has labored to substantiate the whispers, but notes that "it's precisely the sort of nasty rumor Clinton's enemies—or Wolfson's—might float to bury her dying campaign or his reputation." Huh! In other news, I would like to officially start the rumor that Harold Ickes has formed a fight club.

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