Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Audacity of Dopes: Oh, Geraldine Ferraro, Are You Ever Right?

Moe Tkacik called Geraldine Ferraro "the Bill Kristol of feminists" today. Why? Well, she seems to think a gesture made popular in a Jay-Z video was misogynist, for one thing. Also, she seems to think the Obama campaign has invented the campaign conference call and that they are evil with sexism (this despite the fact that nothing can make a person say "GOD DAMN AMERICA" faster than a 9am conversation with the dick-tastic Howard Wolfson), that black journalists are misogynists and that Bob Herbert in particular is the king of the woman-haters. Won't Ferraro be surprised when she learns she's smeared Herbert wrongly - REALLY WRONGLY? Probably not! Because in addition to being the "Bill Kristol of feminists," Geraldine Ferraro is also the Stephen Hawking of morons, the Neil Armstrong of people who should be stranded on the moon for the good of humanity, and, really, the Geraldine Ferraro of racist old clams.

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