Monday, May 05, 2008

Beloved Charlottesville Institution Closure Update

In news of import to Catherine, Amanda, and other people who maybe aren't twittering about it but sad all the same, Paul H. reports live from Charlottesville:

Full story: Satellite, Plan 9, Higher Grounds, Just Curry being replaced by CVS - due to douchebag College Inn owner.
Blergh. Naturally, College Inn ruins everything. But their gyros are so delicious! And their Austrian quasi-legal immigration status waitresses so eminently fuckable! Still, I second guess giving them so much of my business over the years. Especially that one year we became minor celebrities for giving them so much business. Why didn't we pool that money for Myanmar?

Anyway, if you want to get the heads up on what's going on in the central Virginia paradises of yore but aren't following Paul on Twitter, you should check out the cVillain, (which is not associated with the alt-weekly C-Ville Weekly), and The Hook News Blog (which IS associated with the alt-weekly The Hook (which, as you know, is also not associated with the alt-weekly C-Ville Weekly).

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divine ms k said...

Yeah, that pretty much sucks balls.... but I'd still toast over their ashes with a delicious mozzarella cheese stick from the College Inn.

Mmmmmmm, cheeeeeeese stiiiiiiiicks.