Thursday, May 01, 2008

DCeptette: You Say You'll Burn This City Down Version

  1. I'm at a remove from the immediate vicinity of Fort Myer, and have always enjoyed those clear nights when one can hear "Taps" being played a few miles away. From here, it's a nice occasion. From where Angela Valdez is, though, it might be a whole lot different having the bugler all up in her grill. Hopefully, it will end up being just as enjoyable in close proximity as it is at a distance, because who wants their company to jump when they play Reveille? [City Desk]
  2. Here's yr next Shirley Serotsky joint.
  3. Looking good, Argetsinger! [Eat The Press]
  4. I don't know who Secretary Peters had to waterboard to bring the Dulles line back from the dead, but we're relieved. [Washington Post]
  5. Sensualist mugging in the Target parking lot? FALSE. [New Columbia Heights]

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